Why “Hello, Planet”? Well, for those in the coding world, the term “Hello, World” usually signifies the start of their foray into a new programming language; the most basic program they might write that introduces them to that new world.

For me, I like to do things a little differently, so by saying “Hello, Planet” I introduce you to me — I enjoy being a bit different, trying something new, and never taking myself too seriously.

The second question is why call yourself “The Code Influencer”? Is it some shameless attempt to hop onboard the weird modern fascination there is with people calling themselves “influencers”? Yes. Yes it is!

But hear me out, this is the precise meaning of “Influencer”:

“a person or thing that influences another”

which sits next to the definition of “influence”:

the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

I’m merely embracing the truism that like the universal law of attraction (the one due to gravity not due to that special glint in your eyes) we all have some degree of influence on someone (everyone?) in some way — it’s merely our reach that differs. I influence code. That’s a language that hopefully anyone reading this understands.

So feel free — if like me you’re a software engineer, and you’ve been met with a blank stare or an equally empty ‘oh, that’s nice’ when someone has asked you what you do — to steal my definition! Isn’t that pretty much what the modern engineer does anyway?

Day-to-day I’m called upon to be a people influencer (manager/coach), a product influencer (product owner), a code influencer (code writer/reviewer) all in the pursuit of writing some version of “Hello, Planet” on time, on budget with security, scalability, resiliency, and some other words ending in -y and more often than not I still enjoy it!

Anyway, thanks for spending a mindful moment with me, whilst I wait for my darn build…

The Code Influencer!

I'm just not that impressed...